Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E (2023)

Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E (2023)

Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E (2023)

Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E is a coming-of-age love story of two Kolkata-bred individuals, Ritoban and Anindita. Life poses a second chance for their unrequited love, when Ritoban, a disillusioned Ph.D. student in London, returns to Kolkata after three years and bumps into Anindita, his college sweetheart who is now a successful RJ.

As memories of their romance flash by in the iconic places of the city that seem to have frozen in time, the two ex-lovers individually reminiscence about the dream life they had hoped to have together before a devastating incident left them at a critical juncture with limited choices.

While Ritoban took off to London, Anindita, who shared the same dream, had to sacrifice it and stay back to take charge of her familial responsibilities, all the while secretly pining for Ritoban to be by her side. In the present, their common friends from college reunite and while each share their unique journeys in the last few years, Anindita and Ritoban maintain an avoiding stance towards each other due to the burden of apologies, unspoken words, and piling grievances.

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Gradually, the hurt, vanity, and ego melt away at a cathartic event and Ritoban confesses being miserable in London without Anindita. Anindita too confesses being hurt and feeling defeated in the city, without Ritoban by her side. As the embers of their once-passionate romance, start flickering again, life takes an unexpected new turn.

A new opportunity to pursue her dream course in London shows up for Anindita. This time it is Ritoban who pines for Anindita’s love as her long-lost dreams knock at her door, once again. The film is an ode to the city considered ‘dying’ by many, but holds in its heart the many incomplete stories of love that have lost themselves in the chase for dreams.

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