Raja Rani Raji (2018)

Raja Rani Raji (2018)

Raja Rani Raji (2018)

Raja (Bonny Sengupta) is a good-for-nothing fellow who repeatedly fails at the college examination and spends his days idling with his friend Gobinda (Parthasarathi Chakraborty). Gobinda has a saloon named Powerpaglu Saloon. While going for the final examination a third time, Raja suddenly comes across his classmate Isha (Rittika Sen) and almost falls in love with her at first sight. But Raja does not have any idea about the English language and fails to understand the meaning of the word ‘pardon’ that Isha always says after Raja’s every proposal.

Raja’s attempts at wooing Isha, under Gobinda’s guidance, are not even unintentionally hilarious. Isha is getting just irritated. The studious Isha, who initially loathes Raja, suddenly starts finding him interesting when her elder sister marries Raja’s elder brother who is an animal doctor. Raja goes through his first reality check when he asks for Isha’s hand in marriage from her elder sister, who is now his sister-in-law. She tells him that no one, not even Raja himself, would like to get his or her sister married to a fellow like him, who has no aspiration in life nor any source of income.

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Then Raja aimed to earn income in life. He challenged his family that in six months he would get a job and earn money for himself. Despite knowing that Raja is incompetent, she asks for his forgiveness for prompting him to leave home in a fit of anger and sets out to help him by arranging a loan for some unknown purpose from the bank her father works in.

Later, when she is almost convinced of Raja’s worthlessness, she suddenly asks him to marry her and promises to take over his responsibilities. Raja started a tuition center. His all-appointed teachers fled seeing the naughtiness of the failed Madhyamik students. Then he admitted a blind madam who is an M.A. passed science teacher, whom he met while buying a free mobile for Isha.

Through his teaching, all students passed exams with good qualifications and the coaching center started to run with good fame. But, as Gobinda insulted Isha’s father at a conference for not giving Raja a loan, he chose another abroad boy Aditya (Yash Dasgupta) for Isha’s marriage. But as the boy has another relationship with another girl, he confesses to Isha’s father for Isha’s marriage to Raja. And the marriage of Isha and Raja takes place.

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