Oppenheimer (2023)

Oppenheimer (2023)

Oppenheimer (2023) might be the best film I watched in a long, long time. Very different than Nolan’s recent films, especially the Sci-Fi ones, but shows that Nolan can master the Biopic/Drama genre just as well as he can any other genre he tried to tackle yet.

The film is 3 hours long but goes through very quickly and enjoyably. Without spoiling anything, the film presents important and very relevant subjects, doing so while being non-stop entertainment and a comprehensive character study and a study of our society at a very high pace.

Without mentioning anything specific, there was one scene that caused almost every single person in the theatre to move nervously in the seats, non-stop for a long period of time, It was one of the most intense scenes I ever watched in a movie and reminding me of the true power of the cinematic experience like no other movie did in recent years.

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The year is only halfway through but right now this is my top pick for the upcoming awards season. Picture, Writing, Directing, Acting, Score– Oppenheimer is a winner on all fronts. A rare feat for filmmaking and a salient reminder that cinema is not dead.

I highly recommend this film to everyone. Watched it once already, and going back to the theatre for at least a few more times soon.

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