Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty (2023)

Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty (2023)

Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty (2023)

Anvitha is a MasterChef in the UK, living with her ailing mother who wants her daughter to get married and settled in life, to ensure she doesn’t lead a lonely life. Anvitha eventually visits India, in search of a sperm donor, as she believes a child is what she needs to fulfill her mother’s wish. She approaches Siddu Polishetty, a stand-up comedian to be her sperm donor. The only glitch is that Siddu has fallen in love with her and Anvitha has no intention of having Siddu or any man as her life partner. With this twist, what happens to these two unlikely pairs, is what this rom-com is all about.

It’s a threadbare storyline that entirely relies on Naveen Polishetty’s comic timing. The film starts off on a decent note, introducing Anushka Shetty’s character and successfully establishing her storyline. From her personal loss to her need for opting for a child out of wedlock through artificial insemination. It is after the introduction of Naveen’s character, that the film becomes a lively watch as the scenes range from funny to outright hilarious ensuring the first half ends on a high note.

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The second half, basically the third act which gets painfully stretched is what stops the film from reaching its true potential. The second half too relies heavily on Naveen’s comic timing and those scenes do actually work well. It is once the melodrama kicks in to drive the story to its penultimate moments, the screenplay drags on and the weak songs do take a toll. A couple of emotional dialogues are actually good here especially the conversation between Naveen and Murali Sharma. More than the writing, it is the actors who carry the film till the end, and with a crisper third act, this would’ve been a far better film.

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