Kuttey (2023)

Kuttey (2023)

Kuttey (2023)

The trailer is more entertaining than the film. The excellent – Phir Dhan Te Nan – song is only in the background. Aasmaan was provided with an amazing cast and crew – thanks to Daddy. He tried to do a Tarantino with it and failed. I guess, he did not learn from his father. Arjun as usual disappoints. All the veterans try their best – but are given paper-thin characters and absurd dialogues. If Kaminey was a Picasso, Kuttey is a crayon drawing by a 3-year-old.

One single sequence – Moong Ki Daal – in the 109 minutes long the movie is amusing. If given another chance, my advice to Aasman would be to watch his dad’s movies again before saying – Action.


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