Dilwale (2015)

Dilwale (2015)

Dilwale (2015)

Story: SRK is Kali in Bulgaria and Raj in Goa; Kajol is Meera in Bulgaria and Mata Hari otherwise. They hate the fact that they love each other so much…

Review: Rohit Shetty’s films are big-ticket adventures; a genre unto themselves. Low on content — plot lines borrowed (in this case Hum and Kasme Vaade), incohesive screenplay, and lowbrow dialogues (Sajid-Farhad) — the film leans heavily on Shah Rukh’s mega-stardom, Varun’s effervescence, breathtaking locales (Iceland and Bulgaria), orchestrated car chases and over-the-top situations, which have you chuckling.

Raj, a car modifier from Goa dotes on his younger brother, Veer (Varun), who is happy-go-lucky, romantic, and lives in fear of his big bro. When Veer crosses paths with a lunatic don, King, whose henchmen are peddling drugs across an open counter in broad daylight, the baddies beat him up. In retaliation, his bade bhaiyya wears a hood and pummels the goondas to the pulp. He leaves a warning, “King ko bolo Kali aaya tha.” OMG! That’s when you realize that Raj has a past.

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Cut to Bulgaria, 15 years ago. A young Kali is zipping around in mean machines pulling off heists. He oversteps when he robs gold belonging to his father Randhir’s (Vinod Khanna) mafia rival Malik (Kabir Bedi). Malik hollers, “Randhir’s trump card is Kali. Finish him.’’

This is followed by a turn of events. Kali knocks down a pretty tourist called Meera (Kajol). The accident injured her leg and his heart. After some foolhardiness and the hauntingly shot Gerua, he discovers that she is no damsel in distress. She’s opposition. His big, brown eyes beg for love while hers breathe fire. She wields a gun too. Ooh…what is actually meant to be their betrothal meeting turns into a bloody battle.

By sheer coincidence, Kali and Meera move to Goa. Now Chhota bhai Veer falls for Meera’s younger sister Ishita. For their love to fructify, they must first pacify the DDLJ lovers.

Where Comedy Nights with Kapil and Comedy Nights Bachao are staples, Rohit Shetty is the big boss! So just LOL! Or even better just seek solace in SRK’s outstretched arms…

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