Bhola Shankar (2023)

Bhola Shankar (2023)

Bhola Shankar (2023)

I must admit that “Bholaa Shankar” left me deeply disappointed. The film’s attempt to replicate the success of the Tamil original “Vedhalam” falls drastically short, and Chiranjeevi’s performance in the lead role is nothing less than disappointing. His portrayal lacks the charisma and depth that Ajith brought to the original character.

In all honesty, this movie stands as the worst cinematic experience I’ve had this year. The cringe-worthy moments, coupled with the uncomfortable romantic angle between Chiranjeevi and an actress of his daughter’s age, were hard to overlook.

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For those considering watching this film, I strongly advise against wasting your hard-earned money. The original version is freely available on YouTube with subtitles, offering a more fulfilling entertainment option. Rather than spending your money on “Bholaa Shankar,” I’d suggest using those funds to treat yourself to a delicious meal through Zomato.

Chiranjeevi’s decision to take on such roles only highlights the stark contrast between his performances and those of actors like Mammooty, who, at the age of 72, continue to excel in thought-provoking and artistic films. It’s a reminder that there are far more rewarding ways to spend your time and resources than subjecting yourself to the disappointment that “Bholaa Shankar” brings.


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