Abar Bibaho Obhijaan (2023)

Abar Bibaho Obhijaan (2023)

Abar Bibaho Obhijaan (2023)

Bibaho Obhijaan itself was quite an irritating mindless slapstick comedy but somehow it kept tickling my funny bones solely due to Anirban’s hilarious Bullet Singh. Abar Bibaho Obhijaan stoops further down with even more crass and unfunny jokes which makes it less funny and more irritating.

Starting from where the previous film left off, the plot feels half borrowed from the Bollywood film Money Hai to Honey Hai. So the trio of the highly irritating Anupam, Rajat, and an even more irritating and less funny Bullet Singh come to know they can obtain a 100 cr property in Thailand so they fly off to Thailand only to land into trouble soon. How the bibaho works here and how they get out is the story of this irritating head-banging film.

By the time the film comes to an end, you will realize that despite the borrowed plot, the film actually remains similar to the previous one with few twists exactly the same as the previous film. The jokes barely work only a few might make you laugh if you leave all your brain at home.

Most of the time the film makes your skin crawl with cringe. I know what slapstick comedies are but they too have some limits like Humshakals in Bollywood that crossed all limits to become a torture.

This film has a character that might remind you of Akhri Pasta from the Houseful franchise played by Sourav. His funny Russian accent is actually unfunny and only made me go lol when Bullet thought “khuski” meant dandruff xD. Sourav imo is totally wasted, unlike Anirban who in the first film actually was the star.

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Being a Bengali film and being shot in Thailand completely kills the Bengali connection and that’s why this film won’t work in theatres also. The biggest culprits of this film are Ankush and Rudranil. They stoop further down to act so bad that you feel like slapping them left and right to start acting better. Rudranil in the climax marriage scene was still better with some funny moments with Anirban but overall he was bad. The ladies, no comments, barely even in the film.

Not one good song at least the last one had that Michri Daana song which was quite peppy. Overall, don’t dare watch this crap. You might end up losing some brain cells in the brain that you left home. Probably the worst Bengali movie in recent times. 1 star by default cuz IMDb has no 0 stars and an extra star for some funny moments .

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